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**We offer school sports physicals for $30- inclusive of optional complimentary chiropractic evaluation and consult.
Colorado Springs Chiropractor

Why Use Us!

We are a patient focused office that offers the best advice and treatment options to help you meet your goals. 
Whether you are in pain, feeling run down, have achy joints, a top performing athlete, or just want to live better, we can help!

What we Offer:

No matter what age you are or what conditions you have we can help find ways for you to improve your performance and quality of life.
  • Children: It is important that your children maintain a normal functioning spine and hit all of the developmental motor steps so that they have the opportunities they desire later in life.  Their young and rapidly developing bodies need occasional monitoring in order to avoid pitfalls, bad habits, or misalignments that lead to biomechanical stress and injuries.
  • Athletes: In your quest for better performance we can help you improve your bio-mechanics, nutrition and stay injury free as you train.
  • Military and families: The stress of repeated moves, long deployments, separation, demanding physical and dangerous work all take there toll. We can help increase your bodies' ability to handle stress and recover from injuries.
  • Office workers: Our bodies aren't designed to sit at a desk all day long. A vicious cycle of sitting in a poor position, followed by snack-time, then more sitting, then a long car right home leaves our bodies bankrupt of the motion they need to stay healthy. The heart is pumping, however, the joints, immune (lymphatics), and venous system all need motion to work.
  • Physical Laborers: Even if you aren't sitting at a desk all day, many jobs reduce to repetitive motions. Leaving one part of you body overworked and the rest motionless. Learn how to get rest of your body functioning!
  • Elderly: As we get older and have the time to enjoy life more our bodies need more help staying together and functional.